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What we do

"Stay awhile, and listen!" - Deckard Cain, Diablo II

Game development

We recently released our couch co-op game about cute robots, D-Corp on Steam. Previously, we made Spellsworn, a free-to-play wizard battle arena. Our goal is to bring you quality games for a long time to come!


We work together with a vast array of different clients on projects ranging from other helping other game development studios with either design, graphics or programming to visualization projects for the government and more.

Talks and lectures

We work a lot with our studio culture and our development processes and love to share our thoughts and concepts with other companies, other industries and students.


Below is a selection of our own projects and projects where we have been a collaborator.


Our second IP


Our first IP

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

A game by Landfall Games


A game by Tuxedolabs

Little Nightmares 2

A game by Tarsier Studios

Stick Fight: The Game

A game by Landfall Games


A game by Tarsier Studios

Little Nightmares

A game by Tarsier Studios

Flight control simulator

A simulator by LFV

Demag showcase

A visualization for Demag

Airport CEO

A game by Apoapsis

Pendula Swing

A game by Valiant Games

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

A game by Landfall Games


A simulator by SAAB

Play-doh Touch

A game by ustwo

Little Alchemy 2

A game by Recloak

Story Tourist

A game by Velodrome


"Now this is story all about how..." - Fresh Prince, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  • The Big Ribbit

    The founders meets.

    Brought together by the warm hand of fate while interning during their studies at The Game Assembly, Stefan, Jonathan, Anders, and Mattias found they shared common interests, a drive for success and a love for caffeinated beverages.

  • April 2014

    The studio is founded

    Realising they were a balanced unit that individually brought something unique to the table, they decided to keep their partnership together after graduation, and in April, 2014, they founded Frogsong Studios.

  • March 2018

    Our first release

    Our first own title, Spellsworn, an online PVP arena game, was exclusively released on Steam!

  • September 2021

    Our second release

    Our second game, D-Corp, a couch co-op with cute robots, was released on Steam

  • The future

    Organic growth

    In a few years we want to grow our studio to consist of around 15-20 awesome developers that will continue our mission of bringing quality entertainment to you!

  • The
    future is

The Frogsong Team

We are the people behind the games, keyboards and screens

Stefan Jonsson

Designer & Founder

Anders Thelin

Artist & Founder

Jonathan Gard

Artist & Founder

Mattias Lindblad

Programmer & Founder

Patrik Antonescu


Kristoffer Olsson


Andreas Broqvist


Maciek Dobrowolski

Music & Sound Composer

Gabriel von Gertten


Amanda Fröjdö


Janek Krasoczko

Marketing & Community

My Nilsson

Studio Manager

But wait! There's more!

Presskit and Company deck

Below you can download our company deck and in our presskit you can find our logotypes and more!

Presskit Company deck

For all press, streamers, marketing inquiries, use: marketing@frogsong-studios.com

Other topics - please use the form below.

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